Stockwoods Snuggies

What’s better than dressing up an entire law firm in snuggies? Putting them in custom barrister robe snuggies, that’s what. This quirky holiday card idea for Stockwoods Barristers came to me from Danish Ehsan and Andrew Erskine over at Mackie Biernacki.

What started out as one large group shot quickly turned into three shots – it was too hard to resist a few more opportunities to style some snuggies.  We had the privilege of shooting in the 200 year old Campbell House, which I would definitely recommend for any snuggie lawyer portrait session. 

Thanks to Steph Mackie and Mark Biernacki for throwing this one my way, to Danish and Andrew for their imagination, to Gabe Nivera and Eric Cairns for hustling on such a small crew, and of course to everyone at Stockwoods.